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An exhibition of African masks and artifacts from the collection of Pancho and Dori Guedes from the 17th December to the 8th of May 2011 in the Mercado de Santa Clara, Campo de Santo Clara

"... By this time he had built up an enormous collection of books, African art, his own paintings, woodcarvings and drawings which filled two houses and apartments in the ‘Smiling Lion’. ... In the 1960’s he and Dori started a shop called ‘Pandora’ to sell fittings, old maps and books, but they wanted to keep so much of what they ordered and bought that the shop was not a great success, but the collection grew...." (extract from biographical essay ).

The catalogue contains essays by the curator Alexandre Pomar, Rui M Pereira, Alda Costa, Elizabeth (Betty) Schneider, Malangatana, Ana Tostoës, and photographs of the collection

A copy of the catalogue can be ordered by clicking here or a PDF file of the catalogue can be downloaded by clicking below (21 Mbytes)

This download is made available by permission of Alexandre Pomar, Camera de Lisboa, and Malangatana Ngwenya.

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