newA new exhibition - African Masks and artifacts from the collection of Pancho and Dori Guedes.

When - 17th December 2010 until 8th March 2011

Where - LISBON - Mercado de Santa Clara, Campo de Santo Clara

Download - The exhibition catalogue in pdf format. The catalogue contains essays by the curator Alexandre Pomar, Rui M Pereira, Alda Costa, Elizabeth (Betty) Schneider, Malangatana, Ana Tostoës:

Order - The catalogue can be ordered here or at the exhibition.  


expo collection

Almost finished and for sale in Parkview, Johannesburg, South Africa! An architectural masterpiece by Pancho Guedes.

There are two buildings totalling over 350 square metres with open terraces and roof access in a secure complex of seven houses with views of treetops and a lake. The approx 6m x 6m two level building with roof access wraps around a spiral staircase tower.

For more details and photographs click on the link below

Exhibition - The largest retrospective exhibition of Pancho Guedes work to date. It was at the Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império, 1449-003, in August 2009.

The exhibion showed architecture, painting, sculpture, drawings, sketches, models and photographs of work from the 1940's to the present, and is curated by his son, Pedro Guedes of the University of Queensland in Australia. To get an idea of this exhibition, David Crofoot photographed it and here is an album / slide show made from his photographs.




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